Mercy Center

for healing the whole person

Dear Friends, Almuni, Benefactors of Mercy Center

September 8 1988


Jan 23

Winter Sabbatical Begins

July 3

Spiritual Directors Training Begins

Sep 18

Fall Sabbatical Begins

To our ambassadors present and past: Bishops, Archbishops, Provincials, General Council members, Vicars for Clergy and Directors of Ongoing Formation, Formation and Vocation Directors we thank you for advocating and referring your membership to our programs throughout these past 28 years.

please join us through intercessory prayer and ask the Lord of mercy to bless us in abundance with prosperity and plenitude so we can continue to be generous distributors of mercy.

With gratitude to our Board of Directors, benefactors and Mercy Center staff who have shared their time, talent and treasure with us throughout these years, you have been the backbone in helping us carry some heavy burdens.  We have had to adjust our programs and staff due to the economy and to meet a greater demand for financial scholarships for those who are financially distressed. The Mercy Center provides over $60,000 a year in financial/tuition assistance. With the skills and knowledge of our staff and Board of Directors we have been able to safeguard the Mercy Center Corporation with up-to-date resources, policies and feed the spirit of mercy with our shared imagination to look towards the future with hope.

Alumni, friends and benefactors, in the United States, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad/Tobago, West Indies, Grenada, Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, El Salvador, and Canada please join us in prayer for the ongoing success of the works of mercy we hope to achieve with a future full of hope as we enter into our 29 year of service in Gods minsitry

In His Mercy,

Rev. William J Jarema