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Sabbatical Program

Sabbatical Program for Priests, Religious and Laity Personal Growth, Healing and Renewal

Our Sabbatical Program provides a unique program design of personal and professional growth opportunities that envelope a whole person approach for growth, healing and renewal. The eclectic blend of spirituality, psychology, theology, education, therapeutic experiences, inner healing, spiritual direction, art expressions, dream work, body/breath work, and healing touch provides a dynamic and innovative opportunity for personal growth and renewal.


Design Your Own Sabbatical

“Design Your Own Sabbatical” while enjoying Beautiful Colorado

Many professional men and women who desire personal and professional growth need flexible time and adjustable schedules that provide the opportunity to tailor a sabbatical program to meet her/his specific needs. The Mercy Center offers “Design Your Own Sabbatical Program” in both lengths of time and variety of topics.

You may choose from any variations of our existing programs that may include:

Choose from any of the 13-week sabbatical weeklong programs listed in our Annual Calendar of Events.

You may also choose from any of the content from our:

          •Spiritual Directors Training Program 

          •Spiritual Companion Four Semester Program

          •Beyond Guilt to Giftedness

          •Madness or Mysticism -  St. Teresa of Avila’s

               Seven Dwelling Places and

               St. John of the Cross,

                Ascent to Love

          •Healing Our Images of God

          •Healing Spiritual Shame

          •The Vocation/Formation Training Program.

          •The Pastoral Leadership Intensive

          •Mercy Center Healing the Family Institute

          •Healing the Whole Person

          •Healing Family Relationships

          •Healing the Father and Mother Wound

          •Healing Childhood Wounds.

If you desire to achieve Advance Training Programs at the Mercy Center you may choose from the following areas:

          •Mandala Exploration and Integration 

          •Conscious Eating and Inner Healing;

          •Exploring Family Systems Through the Genogram

          •Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

          •Dreams, Archetypes and Shadow Explorations.

          •Additional personal growth sessions can be included in your sabbatical design. These may include individual counseling, spiritual direction, mandala assessment, dream and archetype exploration, body/breath work, massage therapy includes craniosacral therapy, deep-tissue massage, trigger point therapy, therapeutic touch, and balancing therapy, grief counseling, life transitions counseling, career counseling, couples counseling, trauma resolution that includes EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Art Expressions, and Mission Re-Entry.

          •Recreation opportunities include our exercise and workout room, hot-tubs, 200+ videos and DVDs, and local tourist sites.

Creative Expressions Sabbatical

“The very act of art and design can heal and mend the mind and soul.”

This unique Sabbatical experience provides a variety of creative art expressions for each participant to explore his/her journey towards healing, wholeness, and well-being. In addition to the creative art expressions, each participant can alternate a week of Creative Expressions for any of the pre-scheduled Sabbatical classes listed in our Fall and Winter Sabbatical Calendar. The Mercy Center staff will guide each participant in her/his use of Pottery, Watercolor Painting, Acrylic Painting, Ceramics, and Stamping, Scrape Booking and Weaving. Each program participant also receives a weekly spiritual direction session with a focus on integration and spiritual growth.

Additional sessions can be included for an additional cost of $60 per session. These are massage therapy, individual psychotherapy, grief counseling, inner healing and spiritual direction, art therapy, and mandala assessment.

Sabbatical Topics Include:

          •Encounters with Sacred Living

          •Inner Explorations: Heal the Past, Release Creativity, and

               Search for Innocence 

          •When My Body Speaks

          •Myers -Briggs Type Indicator Personality and Prayer

          •Conscious Living, Loving and Being

          •Healing Emotions: Resolving Anger, Grief, Fear, and


          •Dream Explorations: Sacred Symbols, Rituals, and the

               Presence of God

          •Conscious Celibacy: Truth or Consequences

          •Holy Week Retreat: Meditations with Rituals, Symbols and

               the Paschal Mystery (Spring)

          •Retreat with St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross


          •Mountains & Hills Adventures

          •Life Transitions: Journey through the Labyrinth