Mercy Center

for healing the whole person

Sabbatical Programs for Priests, Religious and Laity

Mercy Center's 90 day sabbatical program has been in continous operation and evolutions since 1997. Twice each year, men and women participants from around the world journey to Colorado Springs to take time away to be refreashed and renewed. Read our Sabbatical Program to learn more.

Spiritual Directors Training and Renewal Program

Mercy Center's Spiritual Directors Training and Renewal has been in continuous operation and evolutions ince 1992. Every July men and women paricipants from around the world journey to Colorado Springs to experience our Rich In Mercy Tradition.  

Vitality & Intensive program for Personal Growth

Vitality "The capacity to live, grow and develop."

a year round individually tailored presonal growth program. An intensive whole person program that combines the work of psychotherapy, inner healing, spiritual direction, breath/bodywork, mandala assessment, personal and professional educational training for adult life skills to effect personal life-change.

Vocation Formation Providers Traininig

a two-week training program designed to equip Vocation/Fromation Providers with innovative and contemporary skills for assessment of a candidate's adult life skill and human formation. This intensive progam is tailored to include the specfic needs and requests of the particapants of the our two week program.

Pastoral Leadership Intensive

The Pastoral Leadership Intensive is a unique and innovative program taht has been designed to provide personal and professional growth experiences in Christian leadership development. The program design included the combination of small group sharing, classroom lectures, persaonl assessmen and professional development of each person's pastoral leadship profile. The program goal is to provide each participant with a pastoral leadership assessment with professional application that will empower and renew each pastoral leader so that they can return to their pastoral work renewed and invigorated.

Weekly Program Descriptions

Inner Explorations: Healing the Past, Releasing Creativity and the Search for Our Innocence

The nature of the ego and the psyche, persona - personal and professional, projections - infatuations and repulsions, the shadow and the power shadow.

Dream Explorations: Sacred Symbols, Rituals and the Presence of God

Learning the biology, psychology and spirituality of dream work. Understanding archetypes, anima/animus, night terrors and nightmares, the libido, numinous dreams, mandala symbolism and dreams of transformation.

Enneagram Explorations: Healing Compulsions-Unearthing Potential

Naming our compulsions can begin our journey towards personal healing and recovery. Understanding the three centers, vice/virtue, consoloation and desolation, pride, passion, intimacy, friendship, love and work will be explored.

Healing Emotions - Resloving Anger, Grief, Fear, Anxiety, Shame & Guilt

Understanding the power/purpose of anger and learning how to detox anxiety, fear and grief. Establishing a personal health care program and learn how to forgive and let go of the past. Reconciling major life losses such as surgery, mid-life, career change, and loss of a relationship and experiencing serenity.

Conscious Celibacy: Truth or Consequences

Psycho-sexual-social developement, stages of intiation into celibacy, the meaning and purpose of celibacy, Conscious Celibacy Assessment Inventory, managing libido, the biological implications of celibate living, detoxing sexual symbols and fantasies, intimacy inventory and desiging a social atom.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Personality and Prayer

Understanding personality preferences, career likes and dislikes, consolation, desolation, power and intimacy. MBTI dominant and inferior functions, compatibility and conflict profiles, play, work, shadow profile and relationships.

Conscious Living, Loving and Being

Understanding the symbolism of food and its emotional content, learning the 5 W's and the replacement process, releasing repressed memories, healthy relationships vs. addictive relationships, healthy boundaries, and developing a health care plan.

Mandala Exploration/Integration Training Program

The Mandala Exploration/Integration Training Program is offered fro counselors, therapists, spiritual directors, inner healing specialists, clergy, nurses and those allied to the helping/healing profession. Each participant will learn how to facilitate the exploration of mandala drawings and assist your client or directee's integration process. Through the use of color, configuration and symbol, each participant will deepen their understanding of projective techniques, assessment of personal growth and development, interpretation of primary colors, three basic configurations and the four centers of coping.

The Mandal drawing provides a simple tool and technique for self discovery and will provide a window of inexhaustible opportunity of knowledge, wonder and awe. It is easier for some to disclose their personal content of thought and feeling through color and design then to procaim a word to carry their message. The Mandala Exploration/Integration training program is an opportunity to create sacred space, a healing environment, a catalyst for personal growth and development and learn an innovative, unique and dynamic skill for personal and professional assessment.

Healing Family Relationships: Developing your Family Genogram and Exploring Family Blessings & Burdens

The Genogram is a simple procedure of visually identifying family systems and it can provide opportunities of personal growth and healing.  The Genogram is "a genealogical and historical diagram of your personal family system."  One such Genogram that most of us are familiar with would be the genealogy of Jesus Christ as listed in the Gospel of Matthew.  As you begin to research, explore and design your Genogram you will begin to unearth hidden potential and expose dysfunctional patterns, family treasures and secrets, models and mentors of health and well-being as well as men and women within your family system who may not have reconciled relationships and passed onto the next generation their unresolved grief and pain.  The Genogram will allow you to participate in the healing of your family system and bring the gifts of well-being and wholeness to each person within your family system.

Life Transitions: Journey Through the Labyrinth

The Individuation process, stages of psychosexual and social growth and development, life transitions, necessargy losses, ritual grieving, depression, dark night of the soul, consolation and desolation, menopause, body changes and challenges.

When My Body Speaks: Healing the Whole Person

Symbolic woundedness, the wisdom of dis-ease, unlocking past hurts, healing of memories, breathwork and inner explorations through imagery, storytelling and imagination.

Encounters with Sacred Living

Healing Through Art Expressions

Weaving, medicine wheel, dream catchers, pottery, mobiles, storytelling through collages, water color, and mandala expressions. Harmony, rhythm, balance and proportion help to provide

Mountain and Hills Adventure

Come explore and pray some of the most beautiful vistas in Colorado. Through the meditation of scriptures and outdoor visits throughout Colorado we will meditate and ponder how God reveals presence through sacred signs and images. Reflect, journal, draw, create poems, reflections of your daily experience.

Journey with Saints Teresa of Avila  & John of the Cross

Daily sessions with a spiritual Director and opportunity to share and explore a mystical journey through the seven dwelling places and the dark night of the soul.

Healing Childhood Experiences: Understanding and healing your inner child

The quest for the Original Wound will lead us to explore the Nine Pathogenic Attitudes that can keep us in pathogenic shame & guilt, addictions, broken relationships, broken friendships, work-place abuse, domestic violence, co-dependency and emotional addiction and holding onto family secrets. We will explore the burden of the inner vow syndrome and establish a Health Care Plan for recovery & well-being.

Compassion & Forgiveness: Life Skills for Living Life to the Full

Compassion is a call from God to enter into the lifelong quest to develop concern for everybody - to live with a disciplined respect for every single human being.  Building a life around the art of forgiveness creates a life-style of awareness of the Divine breaking through our pain and suffering – leading us into a deeper knowledge of God's divine mercy.  Explore the pattern of qualities and behaviors that lead us to be caring, supportive and helpful to ourselves and all people.  A presentation will be given every morning and afternoon with time for small group discussion of the graces received.

Praying with the Mystics

The spiritual disciplines and personal reflections of each mystic will provide a day of shared reflection and personal time to ponder and meditate with one mystic per day. There will be a morning and afternoon reflection given each day so the rest of the day can be spent in quite and solitude. Possible mystics may include: Clare of Assisi, Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Thomas Merton, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Dorothy Day, Catherine Doherty.

Spirituality & Recovery

All addictions are the absence of a grounded and embodied spirituality. If your drug of choice is food, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, money, love, gambling, power or control this week long program will take you to the core of your wanting self and help you name what is missing and help you replace it with spirituality and recovery. Understanding how unresolved personal and family grief and trauma can replicate itself in addictive thinking, feeling and behaving will lift the burden of guilt and shame. This program is designed for deep introspective moments, personal assessment and inner explorations while learning how to apply the power of prayer, forgiveness, serenity, achieving virtue and creating personal values that will guide you for a life time.

Tour of Mid-Life Transitions

Every person will experience a personal and professional shift and changing archetype during the mid-life transition. Reviewing the defining moments of Phase One of Life will help us anticipate and prepare for the defining moments of Phase Two of Life. Exploring mid-life anxiety, mourning and ritual grieving will free us to begin the treasure hunting of our inner alterations and the emergence of the inferior function and shadow.

Conscious Eating: Creating a Health Care Plan for Living, Loving and Being  (August 21-25, 2017)

The Conscious Eating program developed at the Mercy Center helps individuals explore the unconscious motivations for food dependency, the symbolism of food choices, how food becomes a love substitute and how to create a replacement plan for food dependency. You will create a Health Care Plan using the Wholistic Medical Network model, an exercise plan and assessment, a social network support system and the Intimacy Check list inventory.